Social Media Tools for Artists

It is 2017 and social media is a part of our everyday lives.  People use social media not only to connect with friends and family but also to make new connections.  It is especially helpful for artists who utilize it to help expose their work to the public and create a fan base.  There are many social media tools available today that artists can use to their advantage including social mobile applications such as Instagram, and social websites such as Facebook, and Flickr.

Flickr is an online photo managing and sharing application which was introduced back in 2004 and was readily bought by Yahoo in 2005. As of last year the popular website was purchased from Yahoo by Verizon (Zhang, 2016).  According to their website, they have two main goals: “To help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them” and to “enable new ways of organizing photos and videos” ( About, n.d.). 

Having a background, and now a BFA, in photography myself I started using Flickr shortly after Yahoo purchased it in 2005 to share my amateur photographs taken on my 5 megapixel digital camera.  It was great to have a place to organize and display my photographs in an online format.  It made it very easy to view my photographs at different sizes, organize them into curated albums, host them for sharing on other platforms, share them with friends and family, and most memorable of all making new connections.  Being a part of the Flickr community gave me the motivation and validation I needed to continue pursuing photography as my passion.  As the years progressed many new social media tools have been developed, but Flickr still remains  true to their two main goals and is great place to share and store visual work.

Another great tool to help get your artwork in front of an audience is Facebook. Facebook has around 1.3 billion users today and the option to utilize your Facebook profile to set up a separate artist/business page is a great social media option for promotion.  Many artists already have Facebook pages set up to help promote their work.  It is one of the most simple social media profiles to set up, but often one of the hardest ones to maintain.  For those familiar with Facebook it is important to have direct eye catching content posted regularly to keep your audience engaged.  It is not simply sharing images but sharing a little bit about yourself and your interests so that potential fans learn to “care about you as an artist, as well as the works that you create” (5 Steps to Promoting Your Art on Facebook, 2014).

Instagram is the first tool to come to mind when thinking about social media tools for artists.  This public and private photo sharing social media application was created back in 2010 as a free mobile application but has since gained immense popularity.  Today Instagram has around 600 million regular users and 400 million daily active users (Smith, 2017). “If you think about the audience you could potentially reach through the Internet versus your art show, you will realize just how important Instagram is to grow your art” (How to Promote Your Art on Instagram, 2016).

Posting an image on Instagram gives you the option to post it on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr simultaneously.  The accessibility that this application has only continues to expand and artists are starting to regularly sell their work directly off of their Instagram accounts.  In fact back in 2014 Vogue published an article titled “Why the World’s Most Talked-About New Art Dealer Is Instagram” which touched upon how the platform “is not only launching the career of under-the-radar artists,” but how “it is providing the world with an entirely new way to access art” (Fleming, 2014).

There are many social media tools available in today’s day and age that will help promote the work of upcoming artists.  The ones discussed above are examples that have grown in popularity over the last decade or so but have still remained popular and relevant today, in 2017.  The key to benefiting from social media tools such as Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr is to be engaged within the platform and the community that surrounds it.  In future posts, we will take a look at how successful artists are that utilize social media to the best of their abilities.

As an artist, what are your favorite social media platforms?

– Natasha


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4 thoughts on “Social Media Tools for Artists

  1. sameamccrimmon says:

    Hi Natasha, I love your post!!
    Art is so creative, and a great form of expression. After taking a painting class in college, I fell in love with it so much, I picked it up as a hobby. It is very relaxing. I agree that “there are many social media tools available today that artists can use to their advantage…” Other than having an expo, or showing of artists’ work, without social media, how will artists be able to express their potential to those whom are interested in art? Facebook is a very beneficial tool for anyone to promote their work, or business, but Instagram has updated so much, I didn’t know that people can purchase an artists’ work. As cited in your post…”it is providing the world with an entirely new way to access art.” As an artist, my favorite social media platforms are Snapchat & Twitter. Thanks for the post, it was a great reading! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. matthewholleyblog says:

    I agree social media is extremely important to artists, especially photographers. I think this is especially true when considering individuals that start their own photography business. Before social media small business footprints were very small and hard to grow. However, with some of the tools you mentioned (IG, Flickr) it is very possible for a small business owners to reach potential consumers all over the world. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. junesummersite says:

    Natasha great post!
    You asked, “As an artist, what are your favorite social media platforms?”, for me there are three. The first is Facebook, which is limited to mostly photograph, I have not seen any graphic design post. It is a great way to judge what kind of trends are current and which ones are not. Also I love seeing the great shots taken form different areas of the world. The second is Linkedin, not a traditional artist area. What I like about Linkedin is that you can connect with other designers in groups and show work and ask for feedback. It is a great way to have conductive criticism form people who are not teachers or co-workes. Also you can post your newest project on your feed to showcase your work to potential employers. The third is blogs. This is mostly for stimulating, for me anyways, a creative frame of mind. It is also is another way for artist to get noticed in the public. Right now my favorite is Inspiration Hut, as it shows a verity of art work from photography to design work.
    Look forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jmuzblog says:

    You are so right about Instagram being a great tool for artists. I have several friends now that are photographers and use Instagram as a way to promote their art. The ability to hashtag their artwork brings people to them, rather than having to bring their art to people. This increases viewers exponentially. A couple of my friends have been able to sell their artwork through the site by linking a personal page or email to their IG account. Most of them do it more as a hobby or for extra money, but they love it and why not make some money doing something they love?

    Liked by 1 person

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